Keep our Neighborhood Safe and Beautiful

Spanish Waters is acknowledged to be one of the most attractive and desirable streets in our area.  Most of our homeowners take good care of their homes and laws, however, the association often receives complaints about violations of the Spanish Waters Covenants regarding neglected, overgrown lawns, weeds in beds and lawns, un-pruned shrubbery/trees. 

Article II Sect 2.2.1 specifically states: All owners shall keep their grounds mowed and maintained free of disease, bugs and in a presentable condition and shall not permit any unsightly growth, weeds or underbrush on their grounds. If an owner shall fail to maintain his grounds, the Association shall have the power to correct such omission and assess the cost thereof to such owner and impose a lien against the lot and improvements for the purpose enforcing payment of such cost.”

  1. Please advise your lawn care service to periodically weed beds in addition to mowing/edging and to prune trees/shrubs as needed. Simply cutting the grass in NOT enough to comply with our Regulations.  Regular applications of fertilizer/ weed control ensure a healthy lawn and prevent weeds from migrating to your neighbors.

  2. Prevent any vegetation/trees/shrubs from growing onto the public sidewalks.  Failure to do so will necessitate remedial action by the Association.

  3. If you will be absent for any length of time, please make arrangements for appropriate yard careNeglected lawns and landscaping give the appearance of absentee owners and may encourage theft/vandalism. 

    Trash cans and Recycling Containers should only be placed on the curb the day/night before trash pickup (Monday) Lawn Refuse Pickup (Tuesday).  Trash cans should be promptly retrieved and placed out of sight after pick up in the morning.  If you will be absent or out of town, please arrange with a neighbor to bring in your trash cans and other containers.  

NO Parking of recreational vehicles, trucks, boat/boat trailer for a period longer than 24 hours. (Art.II Sect. 2.9.1)

Do Not Block Sidewalks with your Vehicles.  All sidewalks are public easements for pedestrians and must be free and clear.  Make sure your vehicle is pulled up into the driveway completely.

Pets.  Always clean up after pets and keep them on leashes.  Do not allow them to defecate on neighbor's lawns. 

Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping Spanish Waters 

one of the best places to live on the Northern Peninsula.