2018 Notice of Annual HOA Meeting

Spanish Waters Homeowners Association, Inc.

What: 2018 Annual HOA and Budget Meeting

When: December
19, 2018 Wednesday, at 7pm

28 Spanish Waters Dr. (Home of Tony and Karin Tempesta)

Neighborhood Holiday Gathering immediately following meeting

NOTE: 2019 Annual Homeowner Assessments of $250/yr are

 Due by: January 1, 2019

Late fees will be assessed if received after January 31, 2019
Please remit $250 Payable to the Spanish Waters Homeowner’s Association

Mail or drop off c/o of George St. Pierre
8 Spanish Waters Dr. Ormond Beach, FL 32176


Call to Order at 7 pm
Reading and Approval of prior Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
Compliance with HOA Regulations for Homes and Yards
Vacant lot just southeast adjoining Spanish Waters (former waste treatment center)
New Business
Approve Budget for 2019
Election of 2 Board Members

Welcome new owners
Adjournment---- Light refreshments immediately following meeting

Board Positions:

There are two position is open for 2019. SWHOA has a 3 member Board: President, Treasurer and Secretary. If anyone is interested in serving as a volunteer board member or would like to be on our Compliance Committee or Grounds Committee, please give your name to George Pierre by December 17, 2018

Volunteers for Board and Committee positions may also be recruited directly at the meeting if there are not enough volunteers. If you are unable to attend the meeting on December 19, 2018, please return the attached proxy form to George St. Pierre at 28 Spanish Waters Dr. Ormond Beach, FL 32176 or another board member no later than December 17, 2018.

Current Board Members: President, George St. Pierre, Treasurer, Vern Voigt, Secretary, Tony Tempesta,

We hope to see everyone at the annual Spanish Waters Homeowners’ Meeting Please plan on staying after for refreshments with your neighbors. Beverages will be provided.                    RSVP: George St. Pierre 386 441-2748 or Tony Tempesta 386 681-9565


Spanish Waters Homeowners’ Association Proxy Designation

 for Annual Meeting 

When: December 19, 2018 at 7pm
Where: 28 Spanish Waters Dr.
Ormond by the Sea, Florida 32176

If unable to attend the Annual Meeting, please complete and deliver or mail to: 

George St. Pierre
8 Spanish Waters Dr. Ormond Beach FL. 32176

Homeowner Name(s):_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Address (Spanish Waters) ____________________________________________________

Mailing address if different: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________ Email Address*:______________________

I (We) will______ will not_______ be able to attend the December 19, 2018 Annual Meeting

I am interested in serving as a Board Member; please state name______________________ I am interested in serving on the following Committee:_______________________________

I wish to nominate the following person(s) for the Board: ______________________________ _______________________________

Designation of Proxy:

I am unable to attend this meeting and wish to designate the following homeowner or board member ________________________________________________
to act and vote as my proxy on the following Items at the Dec 19, 2018 Spanish Waters Association meeting:

Election of 2 New Board Members
Please return this Proxy form by December 17, 2018 to George St. Pierre.

Signature(s) of owner(s) on record: ____________________________ _____________________________