Spanish Waters Homeowners Association, Inc.

Rules and Regulations

1.    Front Yard Landscaping and Irrigation

a.    All lawns shall be a neighborhood compatible sod lawn such as St. Augustine since grass will migrate into adjacent lawns.

b.    Weeds or just a seasonal grass do not constitute a lawn.

c.     Lawns shall be mowed/edged regularly and free of weeds and pests.

d.    All homes shall have a reliable and operational automatic irrigation system to insure a healthy and green lawn. All sprinkler heads shall be working and adjusted not to over spray onto neighbor’s sidewalks and driveways, which may cause rust stains.

e.    Volusia County designates days and times for watering lawns.  If new sod has been installed if may be watered daily until established.

f.      Lawn shall be kept free of weeds, pests and diseases, which can migrate to neighbors’ lawns.

g.    Plantings and flowerbeds shall be kept free of weeds and overgrown plants.

h.    Shrubs and trees shall be trimmed and not allowed to grow into the public sidewalk area.

i.      If homeowner is absent for any length of time, they must make arrangements for the appropriate care of their home and grounds. 

j.      Failure to keep the front landscaping in a presentable condition requires the HOA to correct the problem and assess the cost of the correction to the homeowner as provided in Sect 2.2.1 of the SWHOA Declarations. Failure of homeowner to pay these costs may result in a lien against the property.

2.    Exterior Maintenance

a.    Owners shall keep their home in good repair.

b.    Repaint home and garage doors when needed and when showing signs of rust or lack of paint.

3.    Trash and Garbage

a.    All sanitary containers, trashcans and recycling bins must be stored out of view and placed within an enclosed area, such as a closed garage or concealed by means of a wall or fence

b.    Trash and other debris shall not be stored anywhere on the property; it invites vermin, pests and disease and also violates Volusia County codes.

c.     Trashcans and recycling bins should only be placed on the curb the night before or day of pickup.  Currently trash and recyclable pickup for the neighborhood is on Mondays.  Lawn refuse pickup is on Tuesdays.

d.    All containers shall be promptly retrieved and placed out of sight no later than the end of the pick up day.  If the homeowner will be absent, out of town or unable to stow away the containers, they will need to make arrangements to have their containers properly stored.

4.    Pets

a.    Pets must be leashed and not allowed to roam at large beyond confines of owner’s property.

b.    Owners shall pick up after their pets.

5.    Rental Homes

a.    All properties shall be used for single family, residential purposes only.

b.    Rental owners are responsible for sharing the Rules and Regulations of the SWHOA with their tenants.

c.     The homeowner is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of the home and grounds even if some or all of those duties have been assigned to the tenant.

6.    Vehicles and Boats

a.    No vehicle shall be parked anywhere on the property except on the paved street facing the direction of traffic or on a paved driveway.

b.    No parking of recreational vehicles, trucks, boats and trailers for a period of longer than 24 consecutive hours for purposes of loading/unloading.

c.     Boats of a certain size may be stored in a garage with closed doors or behind a closed fence as permitted by Sect 2.9.1.

7.    Annual Assessments

a.    The Spanish Water’s annual assessments are due by January 1 of each year.  There is a grace period extending to January 31.

b.    Homeowners will be notified of the amount no later than December of the preceding year. 

c.     Late payment will incur 18% interest per annum until paid in full (Sect 4.4)

d.    Failure to make payments within the allowed time period may result in a lien against the property. 


These Rules and Regulations and Declaration of Covenants and By Laws will be posted on the Spanish Waters website:

The SWHOA will hire a CAM (Community Association Manager) to follow the procedures outlined in the SWHOA Fine and Enforcement Plan to enforce these Rules and Regulations and all governing documents of the Association.  All owners must have current contact information (phone and mailing address) on file with the SWHOA.

Spanish Waters Homeowners Association Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions empowers the Board of Directors to adopt Rules and Regulations to enforce its covenants.  If there are any discrepancies between the Rules and Regulations and the Declaration of Covenants and/or By Laws, then the Covenants and By Laws shall take precedent. 

Adopted by the Board of Directors on March 17, 2014.